Paula and Zenzi - founders of Zenli


ZENLI is the first Swedish brand designing padelwear exclusively for women.
 With minimalistic design we create timeless garments for the modern and conscious woman who values comfort, quality and style. We believe in women uniting and our vision is to empower women to come together in the passion for sport.

ZENLI was founded in early Spring 2019 by lawyer Paula Lillo and Zenzi Brydolf, graduated in Bachelor of Science in Social Work. Introduced to Padel by their children they naturally developed a passion for the sport; competitive, challenging yet surprisingly social. United in their common passion, Paula and Zenzi quickly noticed the lack of fashionable padelwear that specifically addressed the requirements of female padel players, ready to wear both on and off the padel court and so the idea was born on a day home from padel training; to create stylish and comfortable padelwear of high-quality with all necessary functions within the sport.

Designed in Sweden, ZENLI Padel Collection draws inspiration from the Scandinavian simplicity with its minimalistic design giving the collection a timeless elegance. At ZENLI we take fashion from fast to slow with our enduring design. We design for women by women and have named our styles after important women in our lives. We find inspiration in women and are dedicated to creating the most comfortable and functional garments designed to fit the female body, always with style in mind, for a fashionable look both on and off the padel court. We want you to feel as comfortable and stylish as we do when wearing ZENLI. We invite you to share our passion and to inspire you as other women have inspired us.

Welcome to join the world of ZENLI – our passion is your power!